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 Xposed, exposes the inner-city youth to impactful events such as education institutions, travel, career events, sporting events, workshops, and many more. These experiences provide education, life tools, and career opportunities. Many inner-city youths go without transportation, insight, and the exposure needed to obtain equal opportunities. Exposure provides vision, hope, determination, tenacity, and the opportunity to dream. The exposure this program provides enables youth to expand their capacity to dream outside of their everyday environment. This program has been LIFE CHANGING for our youth!


 Program Objectives:

  • Expose youth to opportunities outside of thier environment.
  • Install hope, insight, determination, and vision.
  • Educate youth on various career industries.
  • Manifest the dreams of our youth.





MentorMe is a mentor program designed to educate individuals on how to create resumes, interview for a job, manage finances, and how to apply the necessary life tools needed to obtain and sustain a good quality of life. The tools provided will not only change the life of the individual it will change the trajectory of the entire household, family, and those in thier environment. 

Program Objectives

  • Provide resources that enable participants to find employment. 
  • Educate individuals on how to effectiively apply for employment.
  • Provide resume and interview assistance. 
  • Decrease the unemployment rate in the inner city.


    My Healthy Life is a health and wellness workshop that assist with proper nutrition value and intake in addition to creating a positive, and healthy functioning mindset. Poor nutrition and dysfunctional thinking is the cause of many physical and mental health concerns such as diabetes, depression, anxiety, suicide, and many more. This program educates on the importance of a healthy diet and teaches tools needed to obtain a positive mindset.

    Workshop Objectives

    • Educate on the importance and benefits of proper nutrition and a healthy  mindset.
    • Decrease health issues such as diabetes, depression, anxiety, suicide, and many more.
    • Provide resources for partipates to obtain healthy nutrition and mental health asistance. 
    • Provide a safe environment for participants to dialgue and receive information.


    In 2017, Dr. Bryant Foundation served over 5000 youth xposing them to events, educating them, and providing opportunities that had yet to be discovered. A few on-the-ground programs and workshops the youth were involvded in are as follows:

    • Transported 500+ youth to WNBA Sparks game.
    • Transported 200+ youth to NBA Clipper game.
    • Transported 500+ youth to NFL Rams game.
    • Facilitated multiple SUCCESS workshops for 500+ youth.
    • Transported 300+ youth to various law firms to shadow attorneys and learn how to effectively open and operate a law firm.
    • Provided health & wellness workshops for 400+ youth.
    • Transported 300+ youth on college tours.
    • Assisted 400+ youth with SAT prep, FAFSA, & College Applications.
    • Provided parenting workshops for 100+ families.
    • AC dialogue for 500+ youth. Open dialogue in a safe environment for teens to express their concerns and receive related resources.
    • Provided 100+ youth gym passes.
    • Saved 20+ lives (that we know of). There may be more.
    • Provided 200+ computers.

    As a result of our programs and workshops we managed to do the following:

    • Save countless lives that were suffering from suicidal ideations and attempts.
    • Assisted countless over weight youth get to a healthy physical state, by providing gym passes and education on nutrition and the importance of it.
    • Improve high school and college grades and GPA’s.
    • Assist with career guidance and employment.
    • Improvement in parent and child relationships.
    • Decrease in depression and anxiety.
    • Life tools for college preparation.

    This year our goal is to exceed our last year number (5000 youth) by at least half. Which means our goal for 2020 is to provide on-the-ground programs and workshops for a minimum of 7500 youth. It cost approximately $50 per youth, per program, and workshop. This cost covers transportation, staff, food & beverages, entry to event (if entry is not donated), materials for workshops, venue to host workshop, pre and post mentoring, and many other necessities. The cost to serve 7500 youth is $375,000. Any amount donated is highly appreciated. Your donation will contribute to blessing and installing hope in inner-city families, saving lives, providing resources, educating, mentoring, and the opportunities for these youths to obtain the exposure needed to dream and manifest their dreams, and possible be the first change their family ever sees. We hope you will join us on this journey!

    The data below is used to establish what resources are needed and who is in need of them. This is how we determine the development of our programs.

    Countywide Data Results for the Class of 2015-16, Los Angeles County
    Dropouts by Ethnic Designation and Grade

    California Department of Education Data Reporting Office